HOT CLUB DE FRANK (The Netherlands)

Hot Club de Frank is all about jazz and a lot more! At one time hard swinging, then again sweet and relaxed. Swing, gypsy jazz, bebop and klezmer. Solos played with virtuosity, lovely vocals and unexpected arrangements. Classic tunes and originals, French chansons and even Dutch jazz songs.

The band played on important (international) festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival (The Netherlands), Haarlem Jazzfestival (The Netherlands), Jazz In Duketown (The Nethterlnds) Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland),

The Hot Club de Frank isn’t just hot!

Hot Club de Frank made seven cd’s:

Hot Club de Frank made a theaterpiece together with the Dutch radio presentator Lex Lammen about dutch jazz during the war. This project resulted in the cd Heel de band is favoriet.

Hot Club de Frank played with:

The Rosenberg Trio, Fappy Lafertin (O.a. Waso), Sanny Day (Millers), Bart Suer (SFEQ), Tim Kliphuis, Boris van der Lek (o.a. Herman Broods Wild Romance, Tough Tenors), Robin Nolan (Robin Nolan Trio), Mozes Rosenberg

(Ready ‘n Able), Paulus Sheafer (Paulus Sheafer Gypsy Band), Oene van Geel (o.a.The Zapp String Quartet), Ray Kaart (Dutch Swing College Band), De Amsterdam Klezmerband en klezmerband Mazzeltov. (compilation new CD “Amsterdam Boekarest")

JZZZZZP (The Netherlands)

Jzzzzzp is active since 2001 as a 5-piece jump-jive band, the band members are experienced Haarlem-based musicians (from bands like GOTCHA!, DE RAGGENDE MANNE, RUDE RICH & THE HIGHNOTES and BEATCREAM) who have cut their teeth on a variety of musical styles; from rock to ska, from punk to hot-club-de france; from dance to mainstream jazz.

The love of old jazz in the tradition of Louis Jordan, Slim and Slam, Big Jay McNeely and Louis Prima ( among others) is what brings the band together. Jzzzzzp 's stompin' and swingin' performances are filled with exciting solos from saxophonist Thomas " Tommie Tornado" Streutgers. Some tunes have a swinging acoustic feel and some have a complete jazz-abandonment; and the show is sure to have a healthy dose of humor. Or as the Belgians have written: "Tight swing jazz with a touch of exotica!"

Their well-received debut-demo cd and follow-up full-length cd Vledder Bop (Rockhouse Records) resulted in numerous performances at jazz and blues festivals, cafes, clubs and parties in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France and Switzerland.

The music magazine Fret wrote: "Within 3 songs, you hear quality; and musicians that are enjoying themselves! I know for sure they'll soon leave smoky cafes behind and are headed for big things....."

In August 2007, Jzzzzzp hooked up with Legendary saxophonist Big Jay McNeely (USA) and together they did 3 European tour (also a TV performance on Dutch National TV!) McNeely is one of the true pioneers in traditional R&B and rock 'n roll. In 1949 he scored a number-1 hit on the R&B charts with his tune "Deacon's Hop." The tour with Big Jay, with Jzzzzzp as backing-band, was a big success resulting in a well received CD recording "JZZZZZP meets Big Jay McNeely Live"

Following this period "on the road" with Big Jay and other performances in and outside of The Netherlands, Jzzzzzp has been busy recording a new cd entitled "Swinging All Day."

Press statements on JZZZZZP:

............. In the sound generated by JZZZZZP, you hear the fitting production in your mind as if they band is performing live on stage. And that is the natural environment of this group of true musicians...... With little sidesteps [-angels/-streets] thatvary from sweeping blues to juicy mambo. An artist should always be brave enough to reinvent himself over and over again and occasionally tear on two wheels through the bend. And that is how it should be. Swingin'All Day is one long sensational party. OOR (NL)

............. JZZZZZP If I dind't Hear this, I Wouldn't Be Suffering Now. How Passionate and Splendid this Sounds, How I Loved It..... ROOTSVILLE ONLINE MAGAZINE (BE)

.............. This band is not producing just some kind of Jazz on stage. Its better described as a healthy mix of single jazz accents rolled together with the best Rock 'n'Roll a la Bill Haley and the smokey sound from the era of the Sun Studios..... ... ROCKING FIFTIES MAGAZINES (GE)

.............. Fine 5 piece group who we'll certainly enjoy if we run acrossthem at a festival or in a club............... BLUE SUEDE SHOES MAGAZINE (USA)

.................. The entire disk is full of old fashioned swing, jump & jive and mambo situations and sounds incredibly credible. Furthermore, it is true enjoyment from beginning to end !........................ BOBTJES BLUES ONLINE MAGAZINE (BE)

..................... This band of seasoned musicians came together toperform what they called Jump Jazz. Some humor, some sweat and hard labor and a whole lot of swinging are the main ingredients of an evening out with JZZZZZP! ............... BILLYBOP MAGAZINE (BE).

.............Eine mitreissende CD, Jump und Jive vom Feinsten...........ROCK N ROLL MAGAZINE (D) (Jzzzzzp Live with Big Jay Mc Neely)

LITTLE STEVE & THE BIG BEAT (The Netherlands).

Little Steve & the Big Beat are a high-energy Rhythm & Blues outfit; fiery guitar playing and strong vocals on top of a solid rhythm section. All the while the horns add a groove that will get your hands clapping and feet moving! Little Steve & the Big Beat stay true to tradition while not merely imitating, but adding their own voice to this expressive style of music.

Within just 2,5 years, Little Steve & the Big Beat have played major festivals and clubs in their home country and abroad, such as De Zwarte Cross, Blues Peer, North Sea Jazz Club, Breda Jazz Festival, and many more. Their single Brand New Man (Dec 2014) receives regular airplay on Belgian national radio. And they have been nominated by the Dutch Blues Foundation for “Best Band”, “Best Vocalist” and “Best Drummer” for the Dutch Blues Awards 2015.

Based in the Netherlands and formed around Steven van der Nat on guitar and vocals, Little Steve & the Big Beat started playing in January 2013. After just a handful of gigs within just a couple months the band already received raving crits, often describing Little Steve & the Big Beat as a top-band and a possible closing act for festivals.

In May 2013 the band released their first EP, consisting of 3 original tunes (Working Overtime, Hard Times and Count On You) and 2 covers (Feel So Bad, Slip Away). More positive reviews followed quickly!

In 2015 the band successfully toured with Texan guitar-ace Mike Morgan.

In November 2016 their highly anticipated debut CD “Another Man” was released, which soon received many raving reviews:

“Only the best of the best musicians can swing like this.”- Lust for Life

"An incredibly pleasant listening experience."- Jazzism

"Roll out the 'vintage zebracarpet' for Little Steve & the Big Beat. Irresistible!"- Written in Music

"What else does a person want? Listen to them once and you are sold!"- CtrlAltCountry

“The hottest Dutch rhythm and blues sensation ever, a sublime horn section, stunnin' rhythm section and this Little Steve is an excellent guitarslinger with a soulful voice too."- Rootsville

Next to Steven van der Nat on vocals and guitar the band consists of Thomas Streutgers and Evert Hoedt on tenor and baritone saxophones, Bird Stevens on bass and Jody van Ooijen on drums.

SNEAKY SNEAKERS?! (The Netherlands)

THE BUSQUITOS (The Netherlands)

The Busquitos play a very catchy mix of brilliantly played music, sung with an impressive Louis Armstrong like hoarse voice, and dazzling, funny entertainment that will put a smile on everyone's face! And if the time is right, they will mingle, wireless and play a serenade organize a limbo- or line-dance or get the audience to sing along to one of their catchy jazzy tunes.

Happy swingin' music for all ages!

The Busquitos are:

Jelle van Tongeren (winner of "The Golden Satchmo!", Hot Club De Frank)- violin and Thomas Streutgers (winner of "The Big Boss Award", Big Jay Mc Neely, JZZZZZP, Rude Rich & The Highnotes, The Soulsnatchers)- saxophone .Two brilliant instrumentalists who have been showing their skills on stages all around Europe and beyond... To round out this swinging quartet, they invited guitarist Michael Seraus and bassist/vocalist Ronald de Jong (nominated for Holland's best blues-bass-player 2010, Big Jay McNeely, Shane Mac Gowan, Boyd Small) to join them.

The Busquitos play a large variety of music that goes back from anywhere as far as the 'roaring twenties' until yesterday. Hot Club, Jazz, Pop Rock&Roll, Classical Music, you'll hear it all! Songs by Disney, Django Reinhart, the Mills Brothers, Sonny Rollins, and Irving Berlin, just to name a few as well as catchy tunes as Yackety Sax (Benny Hill), The Nanny,... etcetc And they play their own, very catchy, original tunes too!

The Busquitos already released 4 CD's (1 Studio-CD, 1 Live-CD1 X-Mas-CD and one Film and TV tunes CD) ,2018 will see a first "All Original" Busquitos-Album!

The Busquitos even have their own "Rollator Winterbeer 10%" brewed by the famous "Jopen" Brewery from Haarlem

The Busquitos have proven their skills Festivals all over Europe and were reinvited practically everywhere! (f.i. Oerol Festival(NL) Jazzfestival Bamberg (D), Maschseefest Hannover (D), Cork Jazzfestival, Doonbeg Jazzfestival (IE), They toured Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Tjech Republic, Zwitserland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey! And even outside of Europe, a 14 day tour in South-Korea, October 2014.

The Busquitos won "Silver Cap"at a buskers festival in Leiden-NL 2012. Third price at "The Strassenmusikfestival" in Ludwigsburg-Germany 2014. And in 2013 they were voted (by both Jury and Public) to "Best Dutch Streetband" on Dutch National Radio, in 2014 they won the "Prix du public lors de l’édition 2014"" at the Swing In The Wind Festival, Esstavayer Le Lac, Zwitserland and n 2016 they won the price for "Best Interacting Act" at the Haizetare estival in Amorbieta - Etxano (Spain)

The press about The Busquitos

"The Sunday afternoon gig at the Waterfront Museum was by The Busquitos. These are brilliant Dutch musicians who deliver a fast-changing variety of musical styles. At one point the band's zany antics succeeded in persuading some of the audience into a bout of musical chair " Jazz Journal (UK)

“Energetic and highly eccentric style of comedic jazz - jumping into the crowd at every opportunity, kidnapping audience members and staging mock weddings.”... Kelly O'Brain - Irish Examiner (IRELAND)

"An amazingly talented quartet, to combine all that musical skill with a big dose of humour is a rare combination." Dougall Jeffries - Tolmen Centre, Constantine (UK)

"the 'Jazzy Giants' from Holland were incredibly entertaining and charming with a unique style of musicianship as they prowled around the dance floor looking for victims for their sculduggery; extremely humerous and entertaining" Swingrave (UK)

"Fantastic band. Brilliant crowd interaction, brilliant musicianship, and one of the few acts I've found that's able to put authentic jazz music into a context that even people who don't listen to jazz will enjoy. 10/10 Probably the best band I saw last year, and likely the best one I'll see this year." Paul Bowley, Coalville, (UK)

"This really was a unique night in Leith Folk Club history and can only be described as a night of pure joy. These boys will be back!" Folk Club,Leith (SCOTLAND)

"Absolutely brilliant. What a great act!" Jazzfestival, Burton Upon Trent (UK)

“Absolutely fabulous !!!” Strassenfestival - Wiener Neustadt (A)

“The Busquitos“ aus den Niederlanden servierten auf dem Außendeck Jazz und Swing vom Feinsten, präsentierten dies jedoch auf eine augenzwinkernde Art, die ganz sicher auch diejenigen, die bisher noch nicht so viel mit dieser Musikrichtung anfangen konnten, begeisterte.” -Jazzfestival Ludenscheid , Worteffekte Magazine (D)

"Sooooo natural lovely at the StraMu in Würzburg! Thanks for putting a smile on everyone's face - Christina Scnoss (Stramu Festival, Wurzburg (D)” The Busquitos tour live in South Korea compilation video

THE X-MAS BUSQUITOS (The Netherlands)

From mid-November until the end of December, The Busquitos tour Europe with their own versions "Busquito-Style" of all the famous Christmas-Songs. Wicky-Wacky-Tree - The X-Mas-Busquitos at The Kölner Weihnachtsmarkt X-Mas-Busquitos - X-Mas-CD Highlights


Thomas 'Tommy Tornado' Streutgers is a saxophone player so closely connected with his instrument that - during the 37 years he is - has blown more air through his mouthpiece than someone his age would have exhaled normally! In 1997, Tommy Tornado won the Big Boss Jazz Award at just 17 years old and ever since his star is rising.

With several bands he tours (music) stages throughout the world, He played in the ska / rocksteady / reggae formation Rude Rich & the Highnotes with which he toured and made records with legendary Jamaican artists such as Rico Rodiguez, Derrick Morgan, Alton Ellis, Dennis Alcapone, The Heptones, Ernest Ranglin, Winston Francis and U-Brown all over Europe and Japan.

Recently he brought over one of his biggest hero's 'King of the Honkers’ Big Jay McNeeley to Europe, who he invited to play with his jumpjazz formation JZZZZZP. This resulted in much talked-about performances such as the Haarlem Jazzfestival, the television show Vrije Geluiden (VPRO) and the release of their live CD !

Currently, Tommy Tornado is playing with 3 different bands, including JZZZZZP, Sneaky Sneakers !? and The Busquito's,

Besides that he's touring all over the world with acts like The Toasters (USA), RotterdamSka Jazz Foundation , Western Standard Time Orchestra (USA), Laura Vane & The Vipertones (UK), Lee Perry (Jamaica), Meta And The Cornerstones (USA)

Tommy released his well received solo record "Sunrise" on which he was assisted by members of The Highnotes. The album contains guest performances of Rico Rodriguez, Ernest Ranglin and Winston Francis, Dennis Alcapone and many others.

The press about Sunrise: "....Great album!!!"- Oor magazine (NL) , “.... Record of the year" - DJ Tin Wish Tin (NL) , "..... impressive record”- Heaven Magazine (B) , "This album rocks!!!" - Fret Magazine (NL) "A must for every reggae lover" - Irie Ites (D) , "Sounds like a Jamaican recording" , "Killer Roots Reggae Rhythms" - Do The Dog Magazine (UK) , "A Very Good Album" - Boss Sounds Magazine (SPAIN), "Sublime" - Irie Up magazine (UK) "Tommy Tornado is the best ska\reggae saxophonist in the world!!!!" - Rocking Steady Magazine (D) , "My favorite album" - Feel The Afterbeat Magazine (NL)

It is a record with mainly reggae sounds on which Tommy proves that he is not only a great performing artist but also an excellent songwriter.

Early 2012 Tommy released his next solo album "Cool Down" containing 10 killer roots reggae tracks!! Once more there are features of artists like Mr.Tbone (Italy), Ebou Gaya Mada (Gambia) and Awwa (The Netherlands).

Tommy is currently working on his new CD together with the German band the Clerks, cd release wll be in 2018!

Tommy Tornado played festivals like "Haarlem Jazz Festival, Haarlem", "Valkhof Affaire, Nijmegen", "De Zwarte Cross, Lichtenvoorde", "Rototom Sunsplash, Spain”, Gentse Feesten (B), Jazzfestival, Meppen (D) and toured in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

Tommy will present his solo albums to the audience on several stages and festivals in Europe together with the German backing band The Clerks! It promises to be a series of exciting shows (on which) Tommy Tornado's tropical sounds will warm up the cool European night air!

Definitely a must-see for every reggae\jazz lover !!! Tommy Tornado “Cool Down” Teaser Tommy Tornado & The Clerks Tommy Tornado & The Clerks